Young female doctor smiling while standing in a hospital corridor with a diverse group of staff in the background

We Know Healthcare

As a community-driven industry leader, I-ology is especially honored to serve our clients in the healthcare space. Some of our most impactful work has been in the healthcare industry.

I-ology understands that the modern consumer desires, and expects, a friction-free and user-friendly online healthcare experience. Our web development team places the patient at the forefront of our healthcare digitalization efforts. This allows healthcare providers to foster patient relationships and promote user satisfaction through self-service digital options that empower patients to control their health outcomes wherever they are, whenever they want.

Clients who have implemented our digital healthcare solutions have noted an increase in patient satisfaction metrics, improved communication between patients and providers, better HIPAA compliance, and more widespread adoption of telehealth options.

We are responsive

We strive for excellence

We are HIPAA compliant

We are award-winning in healthcare

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I-ology offers a good level of expertise and a value for what they bring to the table. They are an easy company to partner with.”

– Greg Rubenstein, Digital Marketing Manager, Honor Health Foundation

“I-ology is phenomenal and one of the best partners we have worked with. Their team is very professional, relationship driven, dependable and accessible. They deliver on-time results.”

– Sonny Varadan, Chief Information Officer, Sonora Quest Laboratories

“I-ology’s breadth of compliance knowledge and experience with PCI, HIPPA, ADA, etc. is a clear differentiator. They are transparent, trustworthy and serve as an excellent resource.”

– Jef Wright, Senior Marketing Specialist, Sonora Quest Laboratories

“I-ology is full of people that genuinely care about their clients. They are strategic thinkers and excellent at delivering experiences that elevate their clients, projects and the people they work with. I’d work with them again any day.”

– Anonymous